Chiropractic care identifies and treats joints with an abnormal range of motion.  This treatment primarily focuses on the joints of the spine.  Restoring proper movement to the joints of the spine allows the nervous system to function optimally. 


The nervous system governs everything in the body.  Therefore, an optimally functioning nervous system enables the body to heal, improve health and soundness, and perform at peak athletic levels. 


Acupuncture uses small, thin, sterile needles to stimulate nerves at acupoints.  By influencing  the nervous system, effects can be seen locally (in the region of the acupoint) and globally (throughout the body).  


Acupuncture, like all medicine, has been evolving for over 3,000 years.  It can be a highly effective therapy for performance enhancement, pain management, and gastrointestinal disorders, among many others.  

Animals generally love their acupuncture treatments, and improvements can be seen as early as after the first session.  Greater effects are often noted with a series of treatments.


Rehabilitation for animals is analogous to  physical therapy for humans.  Multiple modalities, therapeutic techniques, and exercises are used to condition animals for athletic careers, maintain athletes at peak performance, and rehabilitate after injuries or surgeries. 

After an initial evaluation, Dr. Dooher will design a custom program specifically for your animal.

laser therapy

Laser therapy utilizes a drug-free, surgery-free beam of laser light to deeply penetrate tissues.  The laser energy is absorbed by the cells, and this initiates a chemical change in the cells that reduces pain, reduces inflammation, and speeds healing.  


The powerful, yet painless, laser light is delivered through a non-invasive hand piece.  Many animals feel some immediate relief and are often calmed by the treatment. 


For some, a single treatment may be all that is needed.  For more chronic conditions, a series of treatments may be more effective to achieve maximum benefit.

massage therapy

Massage therapy engages various techniques to manipulate superficial and deep layers of muscle and connective tissue.  Different strokes, rhythms, and pressures are employed to achieve the desired results.


Chiropractic, acupuncture, and rehabilitation treatment sessions are more effective and have longer lasting results when massage and myofascial release techniques are employed.


Nutrition plays an invaluable role in preventative care, maintaining, and enhancing animals' health.  The difference between standard nutrition and optimal nutrition can be the difference between health and disease.  Optimal nutrition provides the building blocks for athletes to perform at higher levels longer and heal faster if injuries do occur.